Sacha’s Story: Autism 

"...he soon calmed down, his posture improved, he held his head up, sat independently and began to walk..."

Sacha by his mother

Severe Autism

It was after the second set of DPT immunizations that Sacha’s development started to deteriorate.

Shortly after he was diagnosed with severe Autism and later with verbal and body dyspraxia, he didn’t walk or lift up his head, his posture was slumped, our underlying philosophy was always based on unconditional love and acceptance.

At 12 his health deteriorated severely

However, Sacha was now 12 years of age and his health had deteriorated severely, he was constantly agitated and his arms floppy, his back was bent and his head hung down, he could only use one hand and walking was poor, he had no stamina, suffered from severe cramps and had bad acid reflux he was also over breathing, all this was affecting his whole development.   After a year of medical investigations Sacha showed no improvement.

When he started TST he began to walk

Our speech therapist told us about “Advance” and we started the “Scotson Technique Therapy” he soon calmed down, his posture improved, he held his head up, sat independently and began to walk, he became much calmer and the floppiness subsided as he seemed to grow steadily more confident.  The improvements in Sacha over the last six years have been vast.  He is now 18 years old, attends an inclusive sixth form centre full time and has passed two GCSE maths exams with top marks.  Here is a child we were told at 2+ “would never amount to much”! 

He is now beging to speak

He now communicates well using communication devices and is beginning to speak.  His most recent words are “I am” and “Hurry up”.  When he calls me “Mum” I am deeply touched at the tremendous journey he has taken with so much courage.

We thank Linda and the staff at Advance for sharing this incredible journey with Sacha and our family.

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