Rebecca’s Story: Autism 

Rebecca is 14 years old. "From the age of two we struggled to control her behaviour and emotional outbursts. Because she never displayed this behaviour at pre-school and later school, it was hard to get anyone to admit she had a problem."

REBECCA – By her parents


Rebecca is 14 years old and is on the autistic spectrum, we have been doing the “Scotson Technique”  with her for over a year now.  We started TST with her because she had sensory difficulties, very rigid body posture, extremely inflexible thinking and difficulties processing information and communication.

With TST she is becoming more flexible in her thinking

Very early on in the therapy we began to notice some small changes which went on to become much bigger as we delivered the exercises to her.  To date, her ability to process information and communicate has improved immensely and we have seen her gradually becoming more flexible in her thinking.  We were very encouraged in the early stages of TST when we saw her, without any prompting from us, express a desire to try new foods-something she would never have done before.  We were also delighted to see her become much more relaxed in herself and this showed itself not only in her bodily movements and posture, but also in her general behaviour-she began to seem more calm as if it was beginning to get easier for her to express herself. 

An amazing breakthrough when she began to dance

The school have also reported the changes they have observed, especially in terms of her being more motivated and interested in socialising with her peers.  The most amazing breakthrough for us came when we saw her performing in a dance group on stage.  Words cannot describe the joy and excitement we experienced when we saw her dance.  She had suddenly changed from a very tense young girl whose movements were noticeably rigid and stiff to a dancer whose steps and direction were fluid, relaxed and graceful.  She presented as much more confident and happy in her own body.  The pleasure I experienced when watching her was exquisite and I was moved to tears because I never dreamed I would see such an improvement in her.

TST made my dream come true

Thank you so much Linda and all the team at Advance for the wonderful work you do and for making my dream come true to such an improvement in Rebecca.   Rebecca wants to pursue a career in the performing arts and with all the help and tremendous hard work and devotion by Linda and the team, we can now see this dream becoming a reality.  Thank you Linda !  Finally, thank you so much to my wonderful Ken for devoting six evenings a week, come rain or shine, for doing the exercisers on Rebecca-without you, Linda and Ken, none of this would be possible for Rebecca and myself.

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