Lian’s Story: Global Development Delay 

"He is much more aware... he can get over infections faster."


Brain injury and respiratory infection

In the course of his first half a year we went to the hospital many times, he was examined in every possible way, he took several medications and things only got worse.  His breathing was always laboured and audible, he seemed unaware of his surroundings and has constantly respiratory infections.

Because his father’s family is from Taiwan we luckily had the chance to see all the examinations and treatments from a different perspective, so we slowly discovered several alternative treatments and therapies.  For a long time it felt like finding individual pieces from a puzzle.

TST joins up the dots

When we finally came across the TST and Linda’s very logical explanation of all the complex processes involved in the development of a human body, we could understand how all the problems Lian had and still has are connected.  This has helped us a lot.

Gaining awareness and Health

Although Lian is still not able to crawl, sit or talk he has improved slowly but continuously since we started the TST massages a year ago.  His breathing is more coordinated, the heavy breathing sounds only appear when he is very stressed now. He is much more aware of what is happening around him and he is starting to interact with people.  Above all his immune system is slowly improving as well and he can get over infections faster.

Advance is a positive place

Above all we are very happy about the positive and human atmosphere everyone in the Advance Centre creates.  After all the difficult and stressful situations one encounters with a sick child it feels very good to come here.

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