Lacey-Mae’s Story: Spastic CP 

"...from just lying on the floor like a little doll, Lacey has started to kick her legs and move her arms..."



Cerebral Palsy

May 29th 2008, our daughter Lacey-Mae came into this world with a bump. Lacey was born not breathing, she received 15 minutes of Resuscitation, once revived she went straight to the special care unit without even a cuddle from mommy and daddy. Lacey at 12 hours stopped breathing again, she was revived again and put back onto a ventilator and the next 24 hours we were told were critical, later that day Lacey was sent to St Mary’s hospital special care unit in Manchester where she spent 4 days.

At this point we were told our daughter would most definitely have future problems and cerebral palsy being the most probable one due to the lack of oxygen twice.   Lacey was in hospital a total of ten days before being able to leave for home.  Bringing our daughter home was the best feeling, putting cerebral palsy into the back of our minds we had forgot, everything would be fine we thought.  When her milestones didn’t get reached panic set in, “she has cerebral palsy, what now!!?”

There has to be more

Being Lacey’s mum I truly felt helpless and heart broken, a feeling I never thought possible to have with your child.  With negative feedback from doctors and specialists buzzing around our heads, sitting back and waiting to see what would happen was not an option for me.

After endless tears and heartache I pulled myself together and thought I am this child’s voice, something else needs to be done, there has to be more.

TST at last she is comming alive

After a year of searching the World Wide Web, I found Advance.   Now after five months and our second visit, we have seen out daughter change dramatically from just lying on the floor like a little doll, Lacey has started to kick her legs and move her arms, has found her voice with mama and dada and even started to hold her head up, she even has a neck!

Now I feel my daughter has a chance at a real life and that’s not looking through any crystal ball as they say.

Thank you to the Advance team.

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