Josie’s Story: Autism 

"Her language skills improved almost within days of beginning the exercises... She has improved in the areas not traditionally seen as being 'restorable' in a child with autism."

Josie’s Story by her mother

The severe end of the autistic spectrum    

Josie’s ‘differences’ and bizarre behaviour were very obvious from an early age and she was subsequently diagnosed, at three years of age, as being towards the severe end of the autistic spectrum. As her parents, we were bluntly told that the ‘disorder’  had no cure, just hope for the management of the difficulties it would present for everyone.

Discovering TST    

Since having discovered ADVANCE and actively practised its techniques, I am in no doubt that brain restoration and funcion is completely possible and that Josie is the child she is today because of it.

Working on the sleeping child     

With a big leap of faith and a curious excitement, we embarked upon the journey of the restoration of Josie. Such light excercises on the diaphragm, and thankfully not a medicinal drug in sight! A journey only made possible by the fact that we would be able to practise on a sleeping child. There was no way at that point, that Josie would have allowed us to touch her and do any of the exercises on her whilst awake.

Dramatic change     

Several years later and Josie has changed and improved in so many different ways.  Her language skills improved almost within days of beginning the exercises.  Several weeks later I noticed that Josie’s muscle tone had significantly improved. When holding her by the hand it no longer felt like I was attached to a never ending piece of elastic!

She has gone beyond and outshone     

As we progressed the educational and medical professionals involved with Josie made many predictions and pronouncements about the the things that Josie wouldn’t be able to do within her autism, but she has always gone beyond and outshone these. She has improved in the areas not traditionally seen as being ‘restorable’ in a child with autism.

Loving and fun to be with      

Josie is still very ‘different’, but manageable, and very loving and fun to be with.  Without Linda Scotson and ADVANCE I firmly believe that by now we would have been unable to physically and emotionally cope with Josie at home. Instead of this unimaginable scenario we have been blessed with a journey of love and excitement and the power to heal!

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