Jodie’s Story: Global Development Delay 

"...Jodie’s progress is amazing, past any expectations we ever had."

JODIE by her Mother

Developmental Delay – Poor Speeech and learning difficulties

Jodie was diagnosed with developmental delay.  By the time Jodie was in year 6 I felt out of my depth.  I did not know where to go for help or advice.  We have four other children all older than Jodie, our family life revolved around hospitals, speech therapy appointments, school meetings and of course statement reviews, which at that time were all about what Jodie could not do, all the points where she was struggling e.g. hand writing, maths, science, not working on her own, support with changing for PE or swimming, besides this, neither teachers nor other children could understand what she said or what she was asking for.  Jodie was about to change schools, she was in “MLD Janer School”, they were talking about her going to another school further away because of her lack of speech.  I had always struggled with Jodie going to school so far away, so the idea of her going further away sent me into a panic.

TST better sleep and breathing

Then I met a mum who went to Advance with her son and we talked about the changes the technique has made for her son, so I thought what have we to lose!   On the first visit assessment I was able to see that Jodie had poor immature breathing and how that connected to all her other problems, two weeks later we had our first weeks training and during the training Jodie’s breathing changed while she was sleeping.  Linda explained that Jodie was now able to get into REM sleep (dream sleep), which is when the brain processes the information from the day and grows new connections.

3 years latter – Better speech and in mainstream school

Just over three years later we are still attending Advance, Jodie’s progress is amazing, past any expectations we ever had.  Jodie can speak clearly and has no difficulty making herself understood, she is now in mainstream school and she has her hopes and dreams.  Jodie is working on GCSE Art and is supported in her options; she loves sports, talking to people, taking part in everything she wants too.  Our lives have been turned around. 

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