Gert’s Story: Spastic CP 

"His wrists and hand function is remarkably better... The Scotson Technique was worth every minute of four years of exercises."

Gert  by his grandmother

Cerebral Palsy and pre-maturity

Gert was born premature at 28 weeks.  The doctors gave him an injection to open his lungs. He spent three months in incubator when he was a year old.  The Dr. told us after questions, why Gert was not sitting that he had cerebral palsy and there was no hope to improve.  He had an operation a year after his birth to correct his hips which were out due to spasticity.

Before TST

Before The Scotson Technique, Gert had poor to no head control.  He had limited use of the right hand and limited leg movements.  He was very stiff and difficult to work with.  His breathing was shallow and irregular he had difficulty speaking.

After four years TST…..

His breathing improved remarkably.  He can blow his nose and scream when asked he is also speaking beautifully.  Head control normal the spasticity in shoulders and arms is much better and his grasp has improved he can reach out to take objects.  His wrists and hand function is remarkably better.  He can reach to the top of a page to turn it and to do beautiful writing and drawing. Gert can now also eat and drink independently.  Besides all this, his hips and legs are bending and much more relaxed. So that his aided walking is also much better.  All this changes have made Gert much more confident.  He is a friendly normal teenager with a determination n to do things independently.

Energy to keep up with school work

At school he is responsible for emptying the bins and delivering letters, messages and flowers as part of the internal school tasks.  Gert takes his responsibilities seriously and his independence in manoeuvring of his electric wheelchair has shown a marked improvement over the past few months.  He now has the energy to keep up with his schoolwork and insists doing it.

Worth every minute

The Scotson Technique was worth every minute of four years of exercises.  We know it really makes a difference.  We are proud of Gert’s performance and will continue to ensure that maximum independence in all of his areas is achieved to assist in preparing for his life after school.

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