Ben’s Story: SWAN 

"His level of understanding has improved greatly, as has his ability to communicate."

Ben by his parents

SWAN – He just did not fit

Ben has always been a mystery to the medical profession.  Despite many, many tests and appointments with top specialists in different hospitals, no one has been able to diagnose the cause of his problems.  Time and time again we were told that he was unique and unusual.  We desperately wanted to know how we could give Ben the best chance in life, but without a diagnosis, no one was willing or able to tell us what the future held for him. He just didn’t fit.

TST was a revelation

Our initial assessment at Advance was a revelation.  Linda was able to describe Ben’s physical characteristics and his abilities exactly, without even examining him.  Before using the Scotson Technique, Ben was a very introverted, often frightened little boy who took very little notice of his surroundings and who didn’t really interact with anybody.  A boy with poor balance and posture who struggled to play with his toys.  It was so sad to see that the whole world was passing him by.  Physically and cognitively he was struggling to make any progress.

Chamges in head and hand control

Within a few months of starting the Scotson Technique we noticed changes in Ben.  We first noticed that his rib cage began to form correctly and his neck extended and his shoulders dropped.  This allowed him to have much better head control and more active use of his arms and hands.  Ben then continued to change over time as we carried on with the exercise techniques learned at Advance.

Wonderful improvements

Five years on, and the improvements in Ben have been wonderful.  He is now very interested in everything and everyone around him.  His level of understanding has improved greatly, as has his ability to communicate.  His improved posture, balance and strength means that he is now able to enjoy swimming and horse riding activities.

We are certain that the changes in Ben are due to the Scotson Technique exercises.  

Teachers amazed

The staff at Ben’s school have been amazed at his progress over the last five years, and have embraced our suggestions to include parts of the Scotson Technique into the daily activities for all of his class.

We all look forward to our visits to Advance.  The positive and friendly atmosphere at the centre is an ideal environment to learn the techniques and also to learn about what is happening to your child in an easy to understand way.

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