The Scotson Technique – What if

Each of our lives, locations and schedules is unique so how can I make TST  ‘massage’ work for us ?


Q- What if I cannot find enough time in a day for TST therapy?

  • Unlike conventional forms of physiotherapy TST massages can be spread over the day and can be done with the child either awake or asleep. Some of our families do the exercises in two or three mini sessions a day.
  • Because we can train both parents, grandparents and carers how to do TST ‘massage’, it is possible for the exercises to be shared amongst a number of people.
  • It is possible to do fewer exercises per day, we recommend a minimum of 3, which is 15 minutes per day. To get the maximum benefits from TST we recommend that TST is done regularly six days a week.


Q- I do not live close to Advance Centre, do you operate in different places?

  • The exercises may be taught all over the world via Skype or Zoom


Q My child does not like being touched and/or lying down for long. Will TST work for them too?

  • TST is very gentle and relaxing and may be applied while your child sleeps.
  • Once you have gained the necessary skills, we adapt the approach creatively on an individual basis that will work for your child.
  • Many children who we treat at the Centre start off being unable to lie down for long periods of time and our autistic children in particular often do not normally like being touched.
  • TST is applied over clothing and can be done at any time of day.
  • TST is very calming and many children with ASD actually begin to enjoy their therapy sessions and even ask for them.
  • It is also possible to do TST whilst your child is sitting up.
  • Many children are happy to lie or sit to have their TST exercises whilst they are watching the television or listening to stories or music.
  • Parents frequently report back that TST is a lovely and very special time.

Q- My child is too ill to be moved. How can you help me, please?

  • You can have both a consultation and be taught TST over Skype or Zoom.

Medical Care Team

Q- My child is under the care of a team of physiotherapists and other medical professionals, do I need their permission or do I need to be referred to you by them?

  • There is no requirement to get referred to us by your doctor.
  • TST is not yet widely known about by UK physiotherapists and medical professionals although quite a number of our children’s clinicians have already stated they are impressed with the results of TST.
  • Linda Scotson’s PhD research upon which TST was undertaken within one of the world’s leading child health centres, the Institute of Child Health, University College London so that clinicians are generally happy to learn more and to respect your choice to use TST.
  • Linda Scotson’s PHD thesis is now available on Amazon Kindle.


Q- We are not able to pay for this treatment what other options are available to us?

  • We are a self-funded charity and rely on these fees to run the centre.
  • Many of our families hold local fundraising events to raise the funds to attend the centre.
  • If you would like to commence TST but cannot receive charitable funding and are unable to fund yourself please let us know, and we will discuss other options with you

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