Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Our hyperbaric oxygen chambers are open to adults and children with many different conditions.

Parent and child can relax together for an hour in a comfortable hyperbaric chamber and enjoy the benefits of breathing oxygen at individually prescribed, gently increased, atmospheric pressure (ATA).

Increased ATA allows more oxygen to reach tissues that are underused, damaged, starved or overladen with waste materials. HBOT has been found to heal, nourish and cleanse tissues.


What is HBOT?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a safe gentle method of administering pure oxygen at greater than normal atmospheric pressure to augment and support normal physiological healing.

The air we normally breathe is 21% oxygen and at the atmosphere pressure in which we live (I ATA) almost all of this oxygen is carried in our red blood cells.

As atmospheric pressure increases (as in HBOT) oxygen levels in the blood fluids also increase, this permits increased oxygen to reach areas of tissue with poor or compromised blood supply where there is damage or toxicity preventing healthy function and promote healing.


Benefits of HBOT:

HBOT can produce long term therapeutic benefit through:

1) enhanced blood flow and blood vessel growth, to promote healing.

2) enhanced ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria and eliminate toxins.

3) improved metabolic activity of previously poorly functioning cells including brain cells.

Our charge per hourly HBOT session is £50
The charge for a 30-minute HBOT session is £35
The charge for a 40-minute HBOT consultation is £40



Responsive conditions:

Studies show HBOT to be helpful for almost two-hundred conditions, all these different problems have one thing in common: the tissues involved are lacking in life sustaining oxygen, for example:

Sports injuries (fractures, sprains, bruises etc.)

Orthopaedic disorders (osteoporosis, arthritis)

Neurological conditions (brain damage, stroke, multiple sclerosis, dementia, cerebral palsy, epilepsy autism and ASD)

Surgery (aid to healing, protection from adhesions)

Radio sensitivity (post radio therapy recovery)

Gastro intestinal (ulcers, ME, candida)

Endocrine disorders (diabetic ulcers, circulatory problems)

Lung disorders (asthma)

Geriatric conditions (improves quality of life)


New: Long Covid

Both recent studies and sufferers report relief and improvement following HBOT sessions.

Both our large HBOT wheelchair accesible chamber and smaller parent and child chamber are decorated to be attractive to both children and adults.

HBO chambers are very safe and relaxing, adults sit comfortably and breathe oxygen through a small face mask over the nose and mouth. Children (accompanied by a parent) using the Thomas The Tank Engine chamber do not require a face mask



Advance was founded by Linda Scotson (M Phil, PhD Institute of Child Health, University College London). Linda was trained in hyperbaric therapy by Dr Philip James (UK World Authority on Hyperbaric Medicine).

Besides treating adults with HBOT, Advance is also a charity treating children with neurological conditions from cerebral palsy to autism.

Advance uses both HBOT and a unique massage technique intended to improve breathing, blood circulation, posture and speech in neurologically challenged children leading to better overall outcome.

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