Respiratory circulatory factors may be invoved in many of the folowing symptoms

  • Co-ordination and movement problems
  • Problems with growth
  • Problems with joints
  • Unusual features
  • Untypical brain development
  • Problems with vision
  • Problems with hearing
  • Learning difficulties
  • Behavioural difficulties
  • Epilepsy


  • Breathing controls are complex and all parts of the brain are affected by and affect breathing.
  • Movement quality especially early movement quality also has a strong influence on the developing respiratory system.
  • Although children with SWAN do not have a diagnosis and their symptoms may vary, children with SWAN have both abnormal brain development and abnormal movement bothof which affect breathing
  • Some of the symptoms associated with SWAN may therefore be the effect of abnormal breathing on both physical and neurological development.

Therefore, breathing quality matters to children with SWAN.


Treating breathing in SWAN is effective because:

  • Breathing must meet the oxygen requirements that keep us alive and the diverse and every changing oxygen needs that our experiences create.
  • Breathing thus plays a major role in all aspects of our growth and development.
  • Breathing affects: blood pressure, circulation, posture, spinal stability and flexibility, body structure, limb movement, speech, stamina, ability to learn, brain growth, emotional expression, mood, digestion, immunity, overall health and energy levels.
  • Moreover, the oxygen needs of all these functions also dynamically interact with one another to support development.
  • Parents of children with SWAN report that improving breathing with TST ‘massage’ therapy steadily improves all the above creating new unexpected potential in their children.

Find out about the effects of TST ‘massage’ on SWAN by reading Parent’s stories for a wider picture also see stories of children with CP and ASD.

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