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The Scotson Technique (TST) can assist with neurologically based conditions whether mild, moderate or severe. For example a disability caused by a delay in development, brain damage, brain injury or brain abnormality. If your child hasn’t been diagnosed yet you may want help to treat symptoms such as: stiff or floppy legs, arms or hands, delayed ability to sit up straight, poor speech development, poor eyesight development or poor digestion.

All family members are welcome to participate.

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Cerebral Palsy – The Scotson Technique Approach

Developing abilities in children and adults with cerebral palsy are reduced by the effect of both the brain injury and the motor disability on the child’s developing respiratory system. The result is abnormal breathing which affects cerebral blood circulation, posture, physical structure, motor function speech, vision, digestion, chewing and swallowing, general health and capacity and so on. Read more here.

Brain Injury – The Scotson Technique Approach

Whether a brain injury occurs before during or after birth the potential for recovery relies on the quality of the cerebral metabolism to provide compensatory brain growth. However, all brain injuries weaken the respiratory muscles causing abnormalities in the respiratory system which adversely affect cerebral blood flow and nerve input to the brain creating long-term disability.

Autism – The Scotson Technique Approach

The abnormal development and control of breathing is a major much neglected feature of autism and appears to be a causal factor behind the wide spread of associated symptoms such as anxious behaviour, problems with the gastro intestinal tract, immune problems, abnormal sleep, abnormal movement and lack of speech. Abnormal breathing also directly affects the cerebral metabolism blocking the brain’s well recognised restorative capacities. Read more here.

Also take a look at our new website focusing on autism here.

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Annual Review of the year by Linda Scotson, Director of Advance

2014 was an exciting year for Advance and we thought you’d enjoy a record. But first, most importantly congratulations to you all. We have been delighted to see how all the children have been thriving over this last 12 months, thank you all for your reports and stories. You may remember Caudwell Children had a […]

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Daniel’s Story

Daniel is 10 years old. From the age of two we struggled to control his behaviour and emotional outbursts. Because he never displayed this behaviour at pre-school and later school, it was hard to get anyone to admit he had a problem. We took him to countless appointments to see paediatrician’s and specialists in mental […]

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Tom’s Story

Tom has low muscle tone and sensory integration problems. When we first came to the Advance Centre in 2010 he was 6 years old, struggling greatly at school and very unhappy. He was unable to screen out unnecessary sensory input making him distracted, forgetful, slow to react and respond. All aspects of school life were […]

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Hermione’s Story

Hermione was born in June 2007. She was in SCUBU for 48 hours due to feeding and she was very blue. It wasn’t until she was nearly 4 months old when a health visitor thought things weren’t as they should be. She thought she seemed floppy for her age and that her head seemed large. […]

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Lian’s Story

Lian had his first seizures at the end of his second month. In the course of his first half a year we went to the hospital many times, he was examined in every possible way, he took several medications and things only got worse. Because his father’s family is from Taiwan we luckily had the […]

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December 5, 2015, 5:00pm - December 5, 2015, 1:00pm

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Please come help us celebrate the opening of the fourth annual Adventure art exhibition. Enjoy a glass of wine with the artists and browse their new work. The exhibition contines until 13 January, please see fliers for more information.

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